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Disciplinary law is...

The branch of law which is dedicated to controlling the conduct of professionals supervised by a professional order, according to the specific standards which govern the exercise of a profession.

Disciplinary law concerns the regulation and procedures of discipline within certain professions, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other regulated professions. Disciplinary bodies are responsible for ensuring that professionals meet the ethical and legal standards of their field, and lawyers specializing in disciplinary law often represent these professionals before disciplinary committees.

  • Offered services :

    • Representation of professionals subject to disciplinary investigations by regulatory bodies.

    • Defend professionals accused of professional misconduct.

    • Complaint against a professional

    • Representing clients at disciplinary hearings

    • Professional inspection

    • Request for re-registration on the order roll

    • Assistance and advice during the Syndic’s investigation

    • Representation before the disciplinary committee

    • Procedure for appealing a disciplinary decision

    • strategic advice

    • Professional liability recourse

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