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Whether you or another individual or legal entity (company) are exercising a right or alleging a wrongdoing, the risks and costs are not negligible.

Whether it is a case in contract law, family law, real estate law, property law or business law...

It is important to consult a law firm that is multidisciplinary or competent in your field of action to help you understand your situation, prepare your claim or defense and thus increase your chances of success and mitigate risks.


Our civil law lawyers can advise you and prepare any civil law action, that is excluding criminal law and public law or common law.

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Amicable resolution

We can help you settle your matter amicably through the use of an alternative dispute resolution method.


Legal proceeding

Counsel and representation before the courts in the event of a legal recourse, whether you are claiming or defending.


Amicable resolution

Legal action

Legal writing

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Negotiation, mediation, arbitration or any other alternative mode of disputes.

Paper contract signing

The preparation, drafting and filing of any necessary document or procedure.


The representation

in Courts

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