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You can file an application with the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division if...

1. Your dispute concerns an admissible small claims right:

  • Damages in connection with a contractual or extra-contractual obligation;

  • A debt or a claim;

  • A property


2. The value or the amount claimed is less than $15,000.


In the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division, the parties are not represented by a lawyer. 


However, our lawyers at Boavista Legal Services can advise you on your claim and assist you in the preparation and filing of the claim as well as any other aspect of the proceedings.


Our lawyers are very familiar with the operation and procedure of the Small Claims Division of the Court of Quebec after many years and numerous cases before the Court.


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Writing a legal opinion 

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Writing and sending letters of formal notice 

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Drafting and preparation of procedures

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