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(neighborhood problems)

Property law...


Is comprised of regulations concerning movable or immovable property, tangible or not (airwaves, intellectual property) and the rights exercised over them such as ownership or simple possession, as well as the dismemberments of these rights.


Our team at Boavista Legal Services Inc. has many years of experience in settling disputes concerning abnormal neighbourhood disturbances, whether the disturbance is one of fact (noise, odours, etc.) or one of right (easement, right of way, etc.).


Our lawyers are also competent to help you in disputes concerning property or debts, especially in connection with our other practices such as real estate law or family law.


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Drafting a legal opinion, a formal notice or legal proceedings

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Negotiation or mediation with the neighbor

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Representation before the Court (except in the case where the action is brought before the small claims division of the Court of Quebec)

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