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At Boavista Legal Services, our attorneys have advised and represented many buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in recent years for:

  • The resolution of real estate disputes;

  • Drafting, negotiation and resolution of residential and commercial leases;

  • Actions for payment or recovery of rent or claim of ownership;

  • Servitudes;

  • Priorities and hypothecs, mortgages and other rights on immovables.



But what exactly is real estate law?


Real estate law is...


The field of law that governs the situation and rights (ownership, enjoyment of rented premises) and obligations (joint ownership, publicity of rights, abuse of rights, etc.) that concern real estate. 


Its field of application is very broad since it concerns :

  • construction law;

  • contract law, in particular with regard to sales and rental contracts;

  • the law of town planning;

  • the law of mortgages;

  • the law of legal and conventional easements;

  • the law of land associations and trade unions

  • the law of the public domain;

  • the law applicable to certain specialized professions, such as real estate agents, notaries, architects, project managers, etc.


Paper contract signing

Assistance in negotiations 

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Legal advice whether for a sale, a purchase or a rental

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The drafting of commercial leases or sales contracts, loan agreements or legal opinions


In the event of a dispute, whether you are a seller, buyer, owner, landlord or tenant, Boavista Legal Services Inc. offers several services adapted to your situation, such as:



Preparation and representation in arbitration proceedings, negotiations or civil remedies 

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Housing repossession 

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Drafting legal opinions 

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Termination of lease 

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Hidden defects

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Collection of unpaid rent 

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