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Family law is...

The area of law that governs relationships between the family. Whether between spouses, between spouses and their children or between other family members. 


Thus, family law may deal with the union or separation of two persons, matrimonial regimes, the obligations of spouses, the exercise by spouses of custody and parental authority over their children, and alimony.

Divorce amicably

If you and your spouse agree on child custody, support and property division.

Contested Divorce

In the event of disagreements on the custody of the children, the alimony or any element relating to the financial situation.

Family conflicts

We offer you our listening, our help and our support for any conflict of a family nature.


At Boavista Legal Services Inc., one of our values is the promotion of alternative resolution methods.

In the case of a divorce proceeding, we offer the amicable divorce service when you and your ex-spouse are able to agree on:

  • child care;

  • alimony;

  • the division of property and any other aspect relating to finance.


Let our team draft and file the joint application for a draft agreement with the court. As part of the preparation of this procedure, we are here to guide and support you in the negotiation of the draft agreement and the signing of it and we will take care of:

Initial meeting with the parties

Paper contract signing

Drafting the draft agreement and the petition for divorce 

Vertical file cabinet

The filing of proceedings at the court 

Business Consulting
Business woman

The follow-up of your case. We remain at your disposal for any follow-up question or action

Divorce à l'amiable


In the case of a contested divorce, where you or your spouse do not agree on the afore-mentioned elements, we will assist you in the following:

Paper contract signing

Should such negotiations fail, we will shift into litigation mode and prepare your petition for divorce with or without accessories (child custody, alimony, etc.)

Vertical file cabinet

Drafting and preparation of legal proceedings


Representation on provisional measures and during the trial before the Court

Business Consulting

Resolving the issue through amicable settlement when possible. Legal fees are expensive, and legal procedure is complex. Thus, we encourage our clients to attempt a negotiated settlement before filing at court

Divorce conflictel


One of the main values that guides the Boavista Legal Services Inc. team is that of empathy. We understand that family conflicts can be an extremely difficult ordeal to go through and we wish to offer you our listening, help and support.


The Boavista Legal Services Inc. team has many years of experience in the field of family law and can offer you the best solution according to your needs, whether for:

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Fixing, modifying or canceling alimony 

Brothers and sisters in white

Child care

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Consent to care 

Opening Gifts

Any other family conflict

Conflit familiaux

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