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Labor law is...


THEnset of legal rules which determine the conditions and working relations between employers and employees.


Labor law concerns the relations between employers and employees. This includes employment contracts, labor standards, leave, workplace disputes, union rights, terminations and employment-related disputes. Employment lawyers help ensure that the rights and interests of workers are protected, and they also advise employers on compliance with employment laws.

  • Offered services

        o   Drafting of employment contract

        o   Termination and departure

        o   Wrongful dismissal

        o   Dismissal without cause \ Unjustified

        o   Constructive dismissal

        o   Discrimination and harassment

        o   Assessment of compliance with labor standards

        o   Workplace Policies and Manuals

        o   Remedies in the event of non-compliance with non-competition clauses

        o   Assistance for work accidents and occupational illnesses

        o   Employment Equity

        o   Relations with unions

        o   Health and security at work

        o   Employee privacy and data protection

        o   Employee Discipline and Performance Management

        o   Employment mediation and arbitration

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